About Us

Electrical For You & Vidyut Darpan is our Monthly Advertising Newspaper. It delivers outstanding results for our advertisers because we continually work to reflect the needs and requirements of the market. We study and then design the content of our advetisng newspapar so that it is always relevent and trusted by the largt number of decision makers in the Indian Eletrical Contracting and Dealership sector.

Electricals For You & Vidyut Darpan is going to be at the forefont of electrical contracting in all over india. It’s success will be attributable to just one key factor Results. Results in terms of advetising & Marketing and results on terms of the fabulous quality of its editorial.

Elecrticals For You & Vidyout Darpan is widely read by Electrical Markets, Electrical Associations, Electrical Manufactureses, Contractors, Consultants, Architects, Builders, Panel Builders and Govt. Departments. It is ans essential read for everyone in the electrical industry’s specifying chain.

Elecrticals For You & Vidyout Darpan is a proud to be and advertising and promotion Advertising Newspapers that leads, rather than reflects, indusrty opinion.

Elecrticals For You & Vidyout Darpan Adverting Newspapers is sincerly dedicated to sales, cost & quality improvement in Electrical applications visruall hepling Electrical Markets.

Electricals For You & Vidyut Darpan Advertising Newspaper is the venture of K & S Advertising.


About K&S

K & S Advertising has maintained a commitment to creativity and quality as it serves clients all over india covering all the states. K & S Advertising is one of the leading advertising and promotional agency for all the Electronics and Electrical products in india.

K & S Advertising promotional ideas assure “top of mind” awareness to a demanding corporate customer base. Superior marketing expertise, a relationship-oriented marketing team and full service facilities, including a creative graphic design team, wide range of advertising newspaper distribution and stringent quality work, are just some of K & S Advertising’s core strengths. 

K & S Advertising participates in all the Electricals Events & Exhibitions in india to remain up-to-date on the latest trends in the widest possible spectrum of advertising and promotion business. We also do FREE DISTRIBUTION to all the visitors.

We know the need and resources of the Electrical industry and connects the similar businesses through our “Electrical For You” & ”Vidyut Darpan” Advertising Newspapers of electrical commodities. It’s K & S Advertising goal to recommend the right idea and then to ensure everything goes exactly as planned to connect industrial people with the relevant resources on time.